Honestly, I have been doing things.

Here it comes, the obligatory “Sorry I haven’t updated the site in a while blah-blah-blah excuses excuses” bullshit. Fact of the matter is, I haven’t been avoiding writing. I have in fact been doing too much writing. The 4:30 am ‘Me time’ I made mention of before has been dedicated recently wholly and solely to … Read more

4 quick tips to immediately improve your gym sessions. (no, really)

“Christ he’s talking about gym shit” I know, I hear you, every second bastard is a closet gym-goer these days but I’ll try and make this like my first time for you.
Shameful, loud, laughable but most of all, quick.

Silver shouts / Abomination.

I don’t usually share what I’ve performed on here because the works lose most of their gravitas when not spoken at you but shit, this story was fun to write and even more fun to say/shout.

Me time > sleep.

In case I haven’t whined about it before (impossibru!) or if I have and it’s waaaaaay back in the archives of the blog which are organised and watched over by a small dead spider called Terrence who lives(?) in the corner of my writing room/creativity dungeon and I have to say is doing a TERRIBLE … Read more

Get in and shut up we’re going test driving.

Horray for me I’ve just discovered the power of the test drive! Now I know test drives are normally associated with the purchase of a new car or the procuring of an escorts services for a bucks party surprise, but I assure you that I have been test driving neither motor vehicles nor human females … Read more

This afternoons adventure of ADD man!

Just to clarify, because I know y’all are wondering, ADD man is me. Let’s not get this confused with ADHD, that thing your kid apparently has but is just a way to sell drugs to people who don’t want to either listen to or smack their children, I am a VERY lethargic man in person. … Read more

A brain stabbingly good idea.

The terrifically annoying part about writing is having what you now recognise as terrific ideas leaping into existence and stabbing into your brain at any random moment. But it’s not a regular brain stabbing that leaves you permanently cross eyes and emptying your bowels on the kitchen floor along with the obvious inconvenience of being … Read more

​A breif thought on past and present tense.

I’m here to share with you my hatred for a singular individual and call some of you stupid all at the same time. Buckle in and strap up.

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