I’ve always loved the comedy of Shaun Micallef. Ever since I first watched the Micallef Programme (With two Ms and an E) as a wee pod person.
I once thought of him as the Australian Leslie Nielsen but as time progressed I saw more and more intellectual undertones creep into his already hilarious comedy and the similarity between the two men finally eked down to the fact that both have had a full head of grey hair since childhood it would seem. I say the intelligence in his comedy crept in but in all honestly when I look back at the old DVD box set of the Micallef program, the comedic brain smarts – much like the old trope of the ‘magic feather’ – were in him all along. It just took me a while to get it because kids are stupid.

So there he went, transitioning – In a completely different way from today’s use of the term. He’s still a man as far as I’m aware, yes Tumblr kids transitioning can mean something else – in my mind from a wacky and offbeat skit show making lunatic to a wacky and offbeat pseudo-news show anchor who now has heavy political overtones in his televised comedy to the point that I just have to sit back and enjoy the oddity of it all rather than get the deeper meaning nowadays because I have little to no interest or knowledge of Australian politics.
So I’ve pretty much gone full circle but at least in the middle there, for a brief while, I got some of his smarter jokes.

And I can always fall back on his older stuff. In particular one of his collected short story books called ‘Smithereens: Small pieces of Shaun Micallef.’

Within are a collection of terrifically ludicrous and seemingly random short stories which, in his typical style, have some very high brow humour mixed in with fart jokes.
An uproariously jolly read for one and all.

So naturally, after having a good read of something new, I did what I usually do and let the words influence my own work and took a crack at writing something similar.
Guys and girl, I won’t lie, this one’s a little odd. However much like the cross eyed puppy that may piss on the floor all the time but is always the first one at the door to greet you by licking your shin and rolling around in said piss wanting a belly scratch, I can’t help but love it.

An homage to Shaun Micallef.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it.
– Jacob

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