Here’s that story what I promised youse.

Don’t say I don’t deliver.

Say I don’t deliver on time, but don’t say I don’t deliver.

What am I saying, there was no time limit here, I did this because I love to do this and I wanted to share something with you lot.

The origin of this story is incredibly boring. I was driving to the green grocers with the spawn and for some reason the name ‘Salazar Slim’ popped into my head.
I thought ‘That’s an awesome name for a hammy bounty hunter, like in a western or something.’
I imagined him as a double crossing slick talking back stabber. The kind of guy that had the skills to back up his cockiness but wasn’t above running from a situation and tripping someone along the way.

I don’t mind characters like that, but I feel like they always have a comical end, if they ever do. Kind of befitting of their haphazard and luck blessed existence.
So I wondered what it would be like for a character like that to meet a shocking and unexpected end.

I had no idea where I could slot this character in with any of my story arcs, but then I realised that I couldn’t think of any more shocking of a death, than at the hands of a character I’ve created who refuses to kill humans.

The character of William Wilson is one that I love. He is huge, bearded, brutishly strong and powerful and bordering on a complete pacifist.
When facing a demon or a creature of supernatural origins, he won’t hesitate to attack. But he always would rather utilise his keen intellect and almost encyclopaedic knowledge of all things hidden and strange to solve a problem.
And, while he’s not above fighting a human, he absolutely refuses to kill them for the sake of his own soul.

There are many more layers to William and his wife Lily but that’s all for another time.
Right now, I want to gift you all with a nice little free story.

I hope you all enjoy

Slicks big deal – The Wilson family chronicles.

As much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

Also, I understand that it will not have the impact on everyone that it has had on me being that I have such an attachment to the characters but it’s not too horrible as a standalone story.
If anything, it might give some people some ideas or inspiration for their own works.

Oh, and the name of the lead character was changed last minute to ‘Salazar ‘Slick’ Lorica’ after the Wif pointed out that Salazar Slim sounded just a LIIIIIIITTTTLE too close to Salazar Slytherin.

Fun fact, his last name is Latin.

– Jacob

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