Precursory Prose.

If you’ve followed my previous posts then god help you.
Also, you’ll recall that a few months back I spent a week in Tasmania. Bothering the wildlife, attending a wedding and being a general nuisance on the roads.

Well, the wif and I enjoyed ourselves so very much while we were there that we decided to uproot our entire existence, sell of as much as we could and relocate to what I previously referred to as ‘A small island off the coast of Antarctica.’

And its been a fucked up adventure from the beginning of the decision to move only 8 weeks ago to me sitting here in a two bedroom ‘house’ in a borrowed recliner in front of a TV that doesn’t work right this moment.

I may or may not have mentioned a post or two back that I’ve been a little too busy to write recently because of working on the garden/tidying the house/drinking heavily/crying a lot and that what I wrote in words up there has been the reason why I dun been doing them things.

And I plan on telling you all about it. Well all the funny things anyways.

But I kind of need a little time to settle in first and get used to my new job. But there will be a lot more writing to come as I plan on making it somewhat of a priority.
Behind raising a child. And being a good (still working on great) husband. And being the now backup provider for my family.

Until then, I feel like I owe you lot a little bit of wording. And if you’ve only followed me on Instagram or here or haven’t been arsed looking at my bookface because its pure snot moulded into the shapes of words then you may have missed a little bit of prose that I threw up a week or two ago. I honestly can’t remember when, all days and weeks have morphed into one big screaming match between me, the spawn, the wif and the mirror until right this moment.

Sit back, put on some soft flute music, and read this little portion in your head using the voice of an NPR journalist.

Thank God It’s Friday.

If you’re looking for comedy, it’s not in there.

So here’s a joke!

What’s brown and sticky?
A stick!

I’m so very sorry for that.

– Jacob.

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