What’s going on here?!

I read a blog today.

You’d think that being the type of chap that has a blogish style websiteamadoodle that my life would be simply lousy with RSS feed updates and that funky ‘badadunk’ sound your Android device makes when you leave your notification alerts on default, but no.

In the grand scheme of the mighty blog-O-sphere I’m perfectly detached and miss informed.

To the point that I honestly have no clue what I’m doing here. Seriously, I don’t even know what a blog actually IS!

I mean I’ve seen the ghostwriter requests for content but outside of that christ only knows what I’m supposed to put up on this thing.

Which is why my posts are so damn few and far between. 

There’s also the fact that oftentimes I’ll write something so grossly draining that I don’t wanna be near a keyboard again for weeks like my last updated but I want y’all to know that, the reason I don’t update so frequently, is because I ain’t got half of three fifths of a fucking clue what I’m up to here.

And according to the blog I read earlier, I don’t post anywhere near enough pics. Or ‘six simple steps for a better relationship’ style horse crap.

 I feel this was a productive chat.


 – Jacob

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