I’ve been busy I swear.

Thar she blows!

Doesn’t look like much right now but this is what’s been distracting me from filling your eyeballs full of words as of lately.

And, given that I’ve just encountered a lovely big hole in the gyprock, it’ll be stealing my attention for a little while longer.

It needs some sanding, about four coats of paint and for me to shampoo and vacuum that horrendously huge rug I found in the racks at work but when it’s done, I’ll finally have a nice little space to go and hide and ignore my Wif and child under the guise of being a productive writer.

I’m looking forward to curing the savage lumbar issues I’ve developed while slouching on a couch to write recently.

The end is in sight folks.

Hold tight.

I’ll be back with you soon.

– Jacob

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