Have you tried just, writing?

An interesting aspect of the creative process is ‘inspiration’.

What inspires you to write, what inspires you to paint, what inspires you to artfully arrange your disused heroin needles and lighters into a kaleidoscopic array of bottom feeding despair which you then adhere to a canvas and clear coat with your own tears mixed with a bit of corn starch?
I vaguely recall touching on the subject of inspiration in the past, no doubt tearing it to shreds and declaring it tripe with bullshit sauce.
These days however I like to think that I’m more grounded, accepting and less angry at everything around me.

I’m wrong. I like to think it but I’m wrong.
Well not entirely, but certainly I’m wrong about being less angry these days.
If anything I’m more angry than ever but it’s far more concentrated. Like a high density laser as opposed to the stupid whirling thing at the supermarket that takes five fucking attempts to scan my packet of rice cakes.
And as any expert in high density lasers (me excluded) will tell you, they are far easier to aim than broad beam lasers. 

And far more devastating.
Especially to cats.
Much like my anger.

But enough about my continuing rage issues. We’re here for inspiration!
I had a bit of an attack on inspiration because I’ve recently realized that when I write or draw, I generally tend to just open up the cerebral floodgates and hope I don’t drown as opposed to attacking the task with a set and inspired intention.
Usually it just results in tears from a light waterboarding and a hollow promise to do it properly next time.

I came to this realization about myself yesterday when I decided to sit down and draw something.
I had zero inspiration, I just felt compelled to rub a pen on some paper for a bit. Sounds therapeutic but when you’re me, those sorts of things tend to result in angrily slamming books shut just to teach them a lesson. (I usually cradle them in my arms and whisper apologies afterwards so it’s ok.)
As (not) planned, I got my pen, got my paper, sat down and just put lines and crap everywhere with little to no plan like; well like an under sleeping caffeinated creative that’s got ADD.

Honestly you would have thought after years of writing utter nonsense and blog posts that amount to nothing more than a waste of time for me and you that this information about myself wouldn’t exactly rank as NEWS on my radar.
Luckily I’m great at surprising myself. That’s the advantage of having a memory as short as my attention span.

But the ‘just sit down and do it’ thing is kind of how operate. So as frustrating as it may be that I never seem to create anything good enough in my mind, it’s still better than waiting around to be inspired before I write.
Because if I did I guarantee you inspiration would strike me exactly as I’m elbow deep in a nuclear toddler confrontation, halfway through the groceries or unloading a truck full of washing machines.
And the very instant I had a spare second or at least half a hand free to jot some things down, that fucker (inspiration) would be hiding back in the dark recesses of my mind again. Gently stroking it’s cat and cackling at me in defiance.

I find that it’s better for me to write when uninspired. Gently cradling the rancid shits that pass for ideas, molding my turds like clay then shelving them harder than an unemployed persons undeclared baggage on the way back from an all expenses two day trip to Thailand bankrolled by their ‘friend’ in china.
Then I let it marinate in the rage and hate of its creation and come back to it in a few weeks when I’ve calmed the fucked down a little.

This is a tool I can recommend to all writers. 

Writing uninspired may seem dull and bland, it may seem like you’re just grinding out useless crap but if you let it sit and come back to it later, you’ll be surprised to find that the uninspired past can serve as the creative catalyst of the future.
Or at the very least you’ve got the brickwork for some okay gap fillers laid out and ready to roll when you need it.
In short, writing promotes writing, so get your fingers working on the keyboard or pen and see what happens.

The same can’t be said for drawings however. If you’ve drawn something shit, just burn it for warmth.

You can’t come back to it and fix it like words and killing it will make you feel better about how dreadful you are at drawing.

Certainly don’t post it on the internet for everyone to see because your Wif tells you it’s actually good.

Christ she has bad taste. Which makes sense because she’s trapped with this guy.


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