What-the-fuck-does-that-mean Friday!

Good news!
I have a rough slightly drunken draft of Babysitting the Pallet pt2 down and am currently riffling through the post-it notes and chunks of cardboard strewn across my desk that I placed it upon when I couldn’t be bothered typing last night.
Turns out my handwriting after a double shot has kicked in is marginally better than when sober.
So it’s legible. To some.
Not me it would seem.

Until I get that up, let’s do something fun with your time instead.

It’s time for everyone’s favourite unnecessarily multi hyphenated game;

What-the-fuck-does-that-mean Friday!

(Just work with me here and pretend like this is a thing we do all the time. Imagine you’re a disappointing child at a family dinner and your parents are desperately trying to make you look interesting by pretending you can roll over or beg for a snack or some shit.)

This weeks WTFDTMF word is bought to you by ‘Falling sideways’ by Tom Holt (yes, I still haven’t finished it) and it is…


Which is a noun flavoured word.
You’d be forgiven for thinking that a Gastarbeiter is some manner of German cake. Likely drizzled with a sweet meat gravy and presented inside a ceremonial knitted combat boot.
This kind of mistake is quite common given that correct pronunciation and enunciation of the Garmanic language is both horrifying to aurally behold (seriously, google ‘Butterfly in German’) and quite possibly damaging to the tongue, but also because German cuisine is terrible (some would say it’s the wurst) and quite possibly damaging to the tongue.

A Gastarbeiter, or “Guest worker” is in fact someone who is permitted to temporarily work in another country. In this case, Germany.

The long and short of it is that, after the war, (not that one the other one) Germany started accepting migrant workers in to help do stuff around the place with the intention of them taking the skills learned from the horrifyingly efficient and fastidious German workforce home to their own countries.

There is a SHIT load more to the history but I’m drinking and only wanting to do a short post so diggity deal with it.

The term seems to have fallen out of use these days because most people who move to Germany for “Work” reasons tend to kind of stay there now and not go back to their country of origin so they’re more of a migrant than a guest. In fact they’re exactly identical to a migrant and only a guest up until everyone kind of catches on that they’re not going home any time soon.

Gastarbeiter: Guest worker. And imported temporary work force.

I hope this has been educational and in no way racist.
Though I can feel some manner of hate mail coming my way.
Normally I’d apologise for wasting your time but this time you actually learned something didn’t you?
Don’t lie. I can smell it when you lie.

– Jacob

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