Graffiti is no joke(r)

You’ll have to excuse me for missing the last two installments of WTFDTMF. A thing which I fully intended on turning into  weekly undertaking for your eyeballs.

Last week I was running off the back of a spoken word performance I had engaged in the night before Friday (which I’m told is a day starting with T but not the one I’m thinking of) and didn’t get a chance to put anything together as I was rehearsing the performance all week. I have to say it was nice to hear my own voice in my head for a week instead of those other ones.
And this week I’ve been sick. Only as of Friday mind you but I’m a last minute kind of guy.
I couldn’t really tell you what I’m sick with, it’s either a head cold with mild flu-like symptoms or bubonic plague. You know how we men are when we get sick.
Though the worst part is I accidentally watched Suicide Squad last night when I felt I was on the mend and today I feel sicker than ever!

If I didn’t have the plague before watching that choppy slap-together of five half finished movies dripping with irrelevant moments and entirely disposable ‘main characters’ then I sure as shit have it now. Or syphilis, that storyline was really bad so it may be syphilis that’s reached the brain.

Anyway plowing right along onto the point of the feature photo. That was done by the Wif who has a new hobby.
No, it’s not fence building, or spray painting shit like a hoodlum, it’s photography.

Yes she’s completed a short course in photography and has by my estimation learned a shit ton more than 99% of the beanie wearing forlorn faced lens-lickers who spent a year or two studying photography at my college. (That or technology has improved humongously since I was educated which isn’t a stretch seeing as I feel like I finished college in the 40s.)
She’s terribly good at it I feel, has a real knack for macro shots too.
But much like any emerging creative she’s trying to find her style, her ‘thing’ and for a while she believed it could be street art, ‘Graffiti’. And it very well could be. Providing we can find some actual art up in this mother.

We did find a few good examples around Hobart city which kind of kicked off the idea and, as you can see above, there’s some mediocre stuff that photographs well on the sound barriers which adorn the highway bisecting the suburban congealment of houses we live close to.
And ever since finding those few diamonds in the rough its been the collective job of the whole family to spot any good graffiti wherever we travel. (A job the mini monster is ill suited to as she tends to only notice motorbikes and big trucks when in the car while cramming sultanas and pieces of cheese into hidden folds and pockets about her booster seat)
But this activity has lead me to a singular conclusion.

There is an arse-load of super shitty wannabe hardcore twats out there whose estimation of ‘awesome’ is scribbling something indefinable on the side of street signs or, if they’ve been playing too much assassins creed when high as fuck, on the sides or tops of buildings that have readily accessible fire escapes or step ladders.

I’m out here looking for art and all I’m getting is twelve individual ‘taggings’ of what I can only assume is the word ‘Skudz’ in plain black spray paint just scattered around willy-nilly like a flower girl with ADHD hocking great globules of petals at various easy to reach points down an isle.
And just because you can make your letters kind of almost join or have the central letter stand out from the others doesn’t mean you’re making art ‘skudz’, it means you have the foresight to practice before you set out pissing your musk all over the city to show your dominance by being the fortieth person to climb up to a roof that my nan could ascend in her current state.

The dead nan, not the wheelchair one.

But I guess it’s my own damn fault for running with the assumption that tagging is the same as graffiti. It’s an easy mistake to make though, you look at tagging online or see videos of it on YouTube and you get this image in your head of how it’ll be.
No, it won’t be as good as actual graffiti art but it’ll still be pretty awesome right?
And it’ll still be something relevant when it comes around to seeing the entire thing wont it?
Why would people hype it up on the internet otherwise?
Seriously Leto was doing sneak peeks all over his social media leading up to it and I didn’t even mind that he looked almost identical to Marilyn Manson when Empire magazine revealed the first look at the character because everyone kept saying how good he’d be and that he was method acting and hadn’t broke character for ages.

He had to be good, there was a Lamborghini chase in the commercials with batman on the roof, there’s no way a sequence like that could be totally disposable to the storyline.
And all the scenes of him in the teaser trailers looked so hardcore and intense.

But then he’s only in it for 10 minutes…

And every single second of him in the movie could be extracted without interrupting the jilted flow. Shit even the helicopter scene could be explained away with a well placed cruise missile.
It was supposed to be art. Everyone told me it was; but it was just some director trying to piss his fucking musk all over the genre at the expense of the viewers expectations.

But that’s what you get when people confuse things like the DCEU with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight universe.
There’s a big difference between street art and tagging, doesn’t matter how good the tag is.
And once again I’ve lost my grip on the situation.

Go check out the Wif’s work on Instagram here @niwiad_photography (I helped with the name)

Don’t watch Suicide Squad. Every part of it will make you vomit in your mouth till you reach capacity and it comes out your nose. 
Except for Jai Courtney, what a friggin legend.


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