This afternoons adventure of ADD man!

Just to clarify, because I know y’all are wondering, ADD man is me.

Let’s not get this confused with ADHD, that thing your kid apparently has but is just a way to sell drugs to people who don’t want to either listen to or smack their children, I am a VERY lethargic man in person. I mastered the art of picking things up with my toes at an early age so I didn’t have to go to all the trouble of bending or crouching down.

I just simply get distracted by shiny shit a hell of a lot and have trouble prioritising things.

Case in point, I had a planned to offer up a blog post inspired by something I found on The Oatmeal  but instead, I ended up reading a completely different and rather long comic on The Oatmeal.

And it was so fuck off interesting I’ve decided to accost you like the horrid little time waster I am and urge you to go give it a read.

Click the word Dickfartploppypants in this sentence to go to the comic and read the high holy heck-a-rooney out of it because it’s really quite good.

Or don’t and just wait around till I don’t get de-railed by my own brain and I get around to doing my original idea.

Whatever man, it’s your time.

  • Jacob

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