A very Retail Christmas

Twas the weeks leading to Christmas,
and all over the roads,
   The trucks were delivering
  ridiculous loads.

Stock was dumped in the warehouse,
  in any spot that was spare.
  Packed in so tight
  you couldn’t get from here to there.

Which sucked for the storemen
  busting their arses all day.
In a vain attempt to get
  all the mess packed away.

Prayers were shouted daily,
‘Trucks, containers, please stop!
  Before workplace safety
  shuts down the whole shop!’

Meanwhile the sales-floor
  was sombre with good reason.
  Extended trading hours means less family time,
  such is the season.

Oh, the jingle bells still rang,
  but not as loudly as the tills.
  As sales staff fought
  just to pay all the bills.

And all the while customers,
  would say, without care.
  ‘Just looking for now,
  it’s cheaper on boxing day, yeah?’

But it’s not all doom, gloom,
  and trying not to go mad.
  The staff get Christmas off,
  so, that’s not half bad.

Now if you miss the Christmas lead up,
and the sale on boxing day.
  There’s always the end of year sale!
  No need for dismay.

So consume, enjoy, and spend
  till you die.
Happy bargain hunting to all,
  And to all,
  a good buy.

– Jacob

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