The man behind the word horrors.


Jacob Langford is a Tasmanian born word vomiter that currently lives in Tasmania.
Not to say that he’s never left, legend has it that he spent over a decade away from the small little island off the coast of Antarctica searching for fame and fortune in the furthest reaches of Australia.

The truth is he was a retail wage slave that followed his ridiculously intelligent and beautiful wife from one state to another all the while groaning about how much he hated selling stuff and things to humans and ‘others’ but he did what needed to be done to pay the bills.

Upon his return to Tasmania he took up the title of ‘Full time parent’ mostly because his wife was a better breadwinner than he, and also because he couldn’t return to retail after a colourful exit.

He now cares for his young spawn in between part time work, writing and making ‘stuff’ from ‘things’.
Jacob has one tolerant wife, one human tornado of a child and two cats that he’d rather not mention.
Which is stupid because he actually wrote this himself.

His genres are generally dry humour, dark humour, fantasy and horror.

His style is often referred to as ‘unique’ which is a very polite way of saying ‘dear god why would someone read this?’

This is his blog / portfolio kind of thing.
I’m so very sorry that the internet has landed you here.

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