Graffiti is no joke(r)

The Wif has a new hobby.
No, it’s not fence building, or spray painting shit like a hoodlum, it’s photography.

You’re doing it wrong.

Have you ever sat back and wondered exactly when in your life 6am got its classification switched from “Fuck me that’s early” to “God damn that was a good sleep in”? Unless you’re a shift worker or some sort of fitness human it’s generally when your work transitions from 8 to 24hour days with extra … Read more

What-the-fuck-does-that-mean Friday!

It’s time for everyone’s favourite unnecessarily multi hyphenated game;

What-the-fuck-does-that-mean Friday!

Have you tried just, writing?

Writing uninspired may seem dull and bland, it may seem like you’re just grinding out useless crap but if you let it sit and come back to it later, you’ll be surprised to find that the uninspired past can serve as the creative catalyst of the future.

I’ll have a flat white with no milk please.

Milk with coffee is an abomination. There, I said it. It’s an abomination and the only way to save it is with chocolate. Don’t believe me? Just ask any woman who’s currently shedding her endometrial lining if chocolate can indeed fix everything and they will fastidiously agree. Actually on second thought don’t bother, it’ll likely … Read more

Feeding the birds.

“It had seemed like such a good idea at the time.”
If you’re unfamiliar with this thought or have never had it swim around in your head before rest assured that the global quota of reassessing ones actions in the face of a less than desired outcome is being met and exceeded by the first time parents of toddlers the world over.

And now for something… slightly different.

I once had a workmate who I caught googling ‘what to write on a going away card. No shit, that exact phrase. Honestly who the fuck doesn’t know to write ‘goodbye’ on a card. Maybe a ‘goodluck’ as well just so you don’t come off like a prick. There were a couple of factors in … Read more

Death and lying to children.

It is very, VERY important to lie to your children in the early years to prepare them for the big wide world out there.

Fuck yeah arts and crafts time, for adults!

Calm down, I’m not gunna teach you how to do jelly moulds of your private parts, that’s not what I mean by arts and crafts for adults. Mind you that would be fun. It’s more in reference to the fact that the last arts and crafts post I did was in relation to keeping a … Read more

Babysitting the pallet pt.1

I haven’t actually done stroreman duties as a form of employment before.
Just sales. Soul crushing, life wasting sales.

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