Feeding the (tiny) beast.

I don’t usually make a habit of doing blog posts of a Monday because of a Monday, I look after my infant spawn solo for the better part of the day. Is this because I’m a caring and doting father and don’t want to miss a single magical moment of her development? Is this because … Read more

A post about inspiration that I can’t think of a title for. Did I just irony?

I don’t know anything about inspiration because I don’t know what inspiration is; I’ve heard about it, but I never saw it. – William Faulkner I’m not going to lie to you. I’m your friend. I might be your friend in the way that I’m holding a really large carving knife behind my back as … Read more

Fear and loathing. Sans fear.

I have been the living embodiment of self-loathing as of late. I can pinpoint exactly when this bitter disappointment in myself started and it was precisely the morning after finishing my painting what I showed to you all a post or two ago. I can’t remember how far back and I’m too lazy to actually … Read more

What is Art? (Baby don’t hurt me)

Art. I never got Art. Not as in I never purchased it, I just never got what it was all about. I could interpret it. If the wife and I went to a gallery she would have to read the plaque to get a feel of what was going on while I could quite easily … Read more

Gone Viral.

I was having a talk to a friend earlier today. Shut up, I have friends. Fine. I was having a talk to a workmate today and he asked me if he had told me his cool story yet. Naturally I responded as I usually do, with a quizzical stare that wordlessly projects the question of … Read more

I have a pen.

I have a pen. I have a beautiful pen. It has a metallic body, is matte black with carbon fibre bands, the cap is magnetic, it as a circumference that a small ant would require a picnic to traverse and in an emergency it caries enough weight to hold its own in a duel with … Read more

Flash Fiction muthafukas.

First of all, I’m sorry the title swore at you. It and I are tired. So here’s something I haven’t tried before. There’s a dude out there goes by the name of Chuck Wendig. And while I haven’t read tons of his work one of his pieces was partly the inspiration behind Joes Soul so. … Read more


I’ve always loved the comedy of Shaun Micallef. Ever since I first watched the Micallef Programme (With two Ms and an E) as a wee pod person. I once thought of him as the Australian Leslie Nielsen but as time progressed I saw more and more intellectual undertones creep into his already hilarious comedy and … Read more

A near death experience.

I almost died today. I’m quite serious, I had an almost adjacent to death situation. Here’s how it went. And let this be a warning to people about the dangers of being a writer. So I went on my lunch break today at a perfectly reasonable 15:10 (I’m a busy man with no time to … Read more

Have a small taste.

I know two things for a fact. Really I know many things for a fact but here’s two of them. First of all, you could get rich writing a CSI style software program (or App for you kids out there) that can take a photo of a meal before you start feeding your infant, and … Read more

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