I’ve always loved the comedy of Shaun Micallef. Ever since I first watched the Micallef Programme (With two Ms and an E) as a wee pod person. I once thought of him as the Australian Leslie Nielsen but as time progressed I saw more and more intellectual undertones creep into his already hilarious comedy and … Read more

A near death experience.

I almost died today. I’m quite serious, I had an almost adjacent to death situation. Here’s how it went. And let this be a warning to people about the dangers of being a writer. So I went on my lunch break today at a perfectly reasonable 15:10 (I’m a busy man with no time to … Read more

Have a small taste.

I know two things for a fact. Really I know many things for a fact but here’s two of them. First of all, you could get rich writing a CSI style software program (or App for you kids out there) that can take a photo of a meal before you start feeding your infant, and … Read more

And so it begins.

A few weeks back I turned 30. A milestone in itself but probably even more so given the troubled little shit I’d been a decade and a bit ago. The revelation that one has spent a grand total of three whole decades hurtling through space on the surface of a tightly pack dirt ball that … Read more

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