Graffiti is no joke(r)

The Wif has a new hobby.
No, it’s not fence building, or spray painting shit like a hoodlum, it’s photography.

Have you tried just, writing?

Writing uninspired may seem dull and bland, it may seem like you’re just grinding out useless crap but if you let it sit and come back to it later, you’ll be surprised to find that the uninspired past can serve as the creative catalyst of the future.

The closest thing to a ‘daddy-blog’ I can manage right this second.

I’ve been busy not writing recently because I’ve been doing that thing where I just get lost in the act of making stuff with my hands and passing it off as ‘Art’. I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog (either that or wrote one that I deleted before posting) that art can be whatever you … Read more

A 12 step guide to the perfect Man-bun.

‘It’s called football, not soccer.’ ‘Do you have any gluten free craft beers?’ ‘Might be a cold one, better bring my cardigan.’ ‘He’s a French bulldog, not a pug.’ ‘Do you think the beans are fair trade?’ ‘Wanna hit the farmers market for brunch?’ ‘Fuck yeah, lads night!’ What is all that shit up there? … Read more

Fuck yeah arts and crafts time!

This morning I awoke to the sound of what I assumed to be a nearby Hyundai with a slipped timing belt. You know that high and squeaky ‘HNNNNNNNNNNUHHUHHUHHUHHHNNNNNNNN’ that every single Getz and most Accents have made at least once or a billion times in their existence? Which confused me a little because I had … Read more

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