Dude I think my kid is a bully.

My kids being a bitch and getting in fights!
Hilarious toddler fights which I’d gladly pay a cover charge and two drink minimum to watch but fights none the less!

Frank and the Third.

Let me be frank. And as Frank, let state as my first order of business that I actually edited my last blog post. No, not proof read, but actually typed out, analysed, then re-typed the bulk of it before hitting “Publish” and wasting another tiny chunk of your precious time. As a person who aspires … Read more

Daddys little ‘helper’.

Let that sink in (sink, haha, dishwashing dad joke) while I paint the picture of what’s happening on the other side of the camera (phone).

Fuck yeah arts and crafts time!

This morning I awoke to the sound of what I assumed to be a nearby Hyundai with a slipped timing belt. You know that high and squeaky ‘HNNNNNNNNNNUHHUHHUHHUHHHNNNNNNNN’ that every single Getz and most Accents have made at least once or a billion times in their existence? Which confused me a little because I had … Read more

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