You’re doing it wrong.

Have you ever sat back and wondered exactly when in your life 6am got its classification switched from “Fuck me that’s early” to “God damn that was a good sleep in”? Unless you’re a shift worker or some sort of fitness human it’s generally when your work transitions from 8 to 24hour days with extra … Read more

The closest thing to a ‘daddy-blog’ I can manage right this second.

I’ve been busy not writing recently because I’ve been doing that thing where I just get lost in the act of making stuff with my hands and passing it off as ‘Art’. I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog (either that or wrote one that I deleted before posting) that art can be whatever you … Read more

Frank and the Third.

Let me be frank. And as Frank, let state as my first order of business that I actually edited my last blog post. No, not proof read, but actually typed out, analysed, then re-typed the bulk of it before hitting “Publish” and wasting another tiny chunk of your precious time. As a person who aspires … Read more

Fuck yeah arts and crafts time!

This morning I awoke to the sound of what I assumed to be a nearby Hyundai with a slipped timing belt. You know that high and squeaky ‘HNNNNNNNNNNUHHUHHUHHUHHHNNNNNNNN’ that every single Getz and most Accents have made at least once or a billion times in their existence? Which confused me a little because I had … Read more

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