4 quick tips to immediately improve your gym sessions. (no, really)

“Christ he’s talking about gym shit” I know, I hear you, every second bastard is a closet gym-goer these days but I’ll try and make this like my first time for you.
Shameful, loud, laughable but most of all, quick.

​A breif thought on past and present tense.

I’m here to share with you my hatred for a singular individual and call some of you stupid all at the same time. Buckle in and strap up.

I’ll have a flat white with no milk please.

Milk with coffee is an abomination. There, I said it. It’s an abomination and the only way to save it is with chocolate. Don’t believe me? Just ask any woman who’s currently shedding her endometrial lining if chocolate can indeed fix everything and they will fastidiously agree. Actually on second thought don’t bother, it’ll likely … Read more

Happy recycled post day!

​It’s Christmas where I am (My in-laws house) so as you can imagine I’ve been hitting it pretty durn hard all morning and leaving it to the parents to dote on their lone grandchild. A dead horse that I will be flogging till said horse is a nondescript puddle of brown in a trodden and … Read more

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