A brain stabbingly good idea.

The terrifically annoying part about writing is having what you now recognise as terrific ideas leaping into existence and stabbing into your brain at any random moment. But it’s not a regular brain stabbing that leaves you permanently cross eyes and emptying your bowels on the kitchen floor along with the obvious inconvenience of being … Read more

Frank and the Third.

Let me be frank. And as Frank, let state as my first order of business that I actually edited my last blog post. No, not proof read, but actually typed out, analysed, then re-typed the bulk of it before hitting “Publish” and wasting another tiny chunk of your precious time. As a person who aspires … Read more

A 12 step guide to the perfect Man-bun.

‘It’s called football, not soccer.’ ‘Do you have any gluten free craft beers?’ ‘Might be a cold one, better bring my cardigan.’ ‘He’s a French bulldog, not a pug.’ ‘Do you think the beans are fair trade?’ ‘Wanna hit the farmers market for brunch?’ ‘Fuck yeah, lads night!’ What is all that shit up there? … Read more

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