Silver shouts / Abomination.

I don’t usually share what I’ve performed on here because the works lose most of their gravitas when not spoken at you but shit, this story was fun to write and even more fun to say/shout.

Feeding the birds.

“It had seemed like such a good idea at the time.”
If you’re unfamiliar with this thought or have never had it swim around in your head before rest assured that the global quota of reassessing ones actions in the face of a less than desired outcome is being met and exceeded by the first time parents of toddlers the world over.

And now for something… slightly different.

I once had a workmate who I caught googling ‘what to write on a going away card. No shit, that exact phrase. Honestly who the fuck doesn’t know to write ‘goodbye’ on a card. Maybe a ‘goodluck’ as well just so you don’t come off like a prick. There were a couple of factors in … Read more

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