A brain stabbingly good idea.

The terrifically annoying part about writing is having what you now recognise as terrific ideas leaping into existence and stabbing into your brain at any random moment. But it’s not a regular brain stabbing that leaves you permanently cross eyes and emptying your bowels on the kitchen floor along with the obvious inconvenience of being … Read more

Babysitting the pallet pt.2

I don’t know about you, but the shittiest duties in the world can be made endurable when you’ve got someone to share stories with.
And by share stories, I mean listen to Barnes as he rattles off tales of working with Croatian dudes that sound like something out of a mob movie.

Have you tried just, writing?

Writing uninspired may seem dull and bland, it may seem like you’re just grinding out useless crap but if you let it sit and come back to it later, you’ll be surprised to find that the uninspired past can serve as the creative catalyst of the future.

Babysitting the pallet pt.1

I haven’t actually done stroreman duties as a form of employment before.
Just sales. Soul crushing, life wasting sales.

The closest thing to a ‘daddy-blog’ I can manage right this second.

I’ve been busy not writing recently because I’ve been doing that thing where I just get lost in the act of making stuff with my hands and passing it off as ‘Art’. I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog (either that or wrote one that I deleted before posting) that art can be whatever you … Read more

Frank and the Third.

Let me be frank. And as Frank, let state as my first order of business that I actually edited my last blog post. No, not proof read, but actually typed out, analysed, then re-typed the bulk of it before hitting “Publish” and wasting another tiny chunk of your precious time. As a person who aspires … Read more

Confessions of a rabid gummy-er.

I had this whole big blog post planned about how I’m back (again) and I’ll be updating more regularly (again) and most of the little side projects are finally done so I can concentrate on writing (again) but let’s not lie to each other here and I’ll just molest your eyes with some words instead. … Read more

Rolling solo.

​ Remember a while back when I had on the website tag that 100% of my words are NOT written in a cafe? Back when I had a place in my house segregated from the rest of my family where I could sit and scribble or tap away and only be as disturbed as the … Read more

I’m still not dead. (Sorry)

​ Every time I come back from a hiatus of breif or lengthily proportions I feel the need to assure everyone that I am not in fact dead. Which makes me feel a little like the dying old man on John Cleese’s shoulder in Monty Pythons Holy Grail. In that I’m lethargically indignant to the … Read more

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