It’s 7:30 on a Friday morning.
I’m standing on the precipice of a life changing event. After today, my whole identity as a person will gradually change into something I fear I’m totally unprepared for.
For thirteen years I’ve known just one thing and in a few short hours I won’t know it anymore.
I should probably be feeling nervous, anxious, scared.
In actual fact, I’m close to nirvana. And not for the reason you’d think.
I’m standing in Jessie’s Café in Myaree. A magnificently decorated, well oiled, caffeinated bliss dispensing machine.
I normally hate waiting for things but as I make my order I spy an old hardcover copy of J.M.Barrie’s ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’.
Snapping it up I step aside and ravenously devour the printed words.
I can’t recall what song preceded it but as I reach the third page, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong caress my ears with a duet of ‘Dream a little dream of me’.
I have never wanted to be left waiting so much in my life. I barely hear my name called out to collect my order over the combined ecstasy pouring over and into my eyes and ears.
Begrudgingly I return the book, I consider making an offer to purchase it but then how will someone else have the chance to experience what I just have?
I collect my coffees and turn to leave just as Louis trumpet starts again. My all time favourite, ‘Kiss to build a dream on’.
I consider lingering for a few moments but don’t want to risk ruining a perfect moment.
I feel leaving the book behind was my one good deed for the day.
I head off into the morning and after 13 years, finally I understand the statement that’s angered me my whole working life.

Thank god it’s Friday.

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